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Egg/Embryo Donation

Egg donation is a very successful method of female infertility treatment. Eggs from an anonymous healthy donor are fertilized using the sperm of the recipient’s par­tner.

The created embryos are then transferred into the uterus of the recipient – the future mother. In the course of medical treatment, the menstrual cycle of the donor and recipient are synchronized according to the protocol set by the responsible doctor.

The recipient receives a series of hormonal injections and pills to achieve synchronization.

In case of male infertility clinics offer sperm donation is addition to egg donation. This is called Embryo Donation and it is a double donation, meaning that donor eggs are fertilized by donor sperm and embryos are transferred to the recipient.


3-cycle Egg Donation refund guarantee programme: from £11,900**
3-cycle Embryo Adoption refund guarantee programme: from £8,500**
**prices depend on destination clinic only


to bare
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Donation legislation varies from country to country. In European IVF destinations, such as Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Cyprus, donations are strictly anonymous. Different clinics have different types of information on the donor that they are willing to disclose, some only give out basic information, such as Height, weight, eyes and hair colour and blood type, other clinics are more open to disclose information on education, hobbies and life style. However, in those countries, recipients cannot get any information on donor identity or photographs.

In countries such as the UK and Australia, donation can be both anonymous and know, meaning that you can choose a relative or a friend as a donor. In addition, anonymity is not secured, since children have the right to know the identity of donors when they come to the age of 18 years.


Embryo Donation (double donation) is different from Embryo Adoption. The adoption is offered by some clinics and it is a relatively cheap treatment, however, this is the adoption of unwanted embryos that are left overs from other infertile couples that did treatment at the clinic, so the success rates are significantly lower than the Embryo Donation. Double donation is the creation of embryos from healthy and young egg and sperm donors.

Micro-injection has been applied systematically and with great success since 1992. Furthermore, ICSI is appropriate for cases with low fertilisation, proven in previous attempts when conventional IVF has been applied.

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