Do I have to book a treatment after consulting with Redia?
No, there is no obligation to book any treatment.

We believe we are offering the best available service in helping you select the clinic that best fits your needs, but you are not obliged in any way.

Do I have to pay Redia for consulting services?
Are suggested clinics screened in any way?
Yes, Redia is performing a regular audit to all its selected clinics

in order to guarantee top quality services. We are not going to suggest clinics that we feel are not suitable or they do not offer the standards that we are looking for.

How do I proceed with booking my treatment?

After your initial contact with us, and our consultation via Skype or phone call, we are going to make a few suggestions of clinics to you, depending on your needs and budget.

When you decide which clinic/destination you would like to use, we are going to ask you for payment of the package, unless you opt out for a single-cycle treatment.

We then work with your selected clinic to implement your program and we pay for every treatment you do there, up to the number of cycles that we agreed. You can even change the clinic in the middle of you program in case that you feel that the initial clinic that you did the first cycle was not the best fit for you.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, before making any payments to us, we ask you to sign a contract which explains our offer to you and the terms of our agreement.

How can I use your travel

After booking your treatment, we will make you a few suggestions on travel packages. You can decide whether you would like to go ahead and get one of those. Travel packages are paid to Redia in full.