Multi-Cycle packages

As there isn’t a guarantee for a successful pregnancy result in IVF rates are calculated based on several factors, i.e. quality of genetic material, age, stress levels, protocol etc. clinics often offer certain multi-cycle packages so that patients can prepay for treatment of 2 or 3 cycles, including frozen embryo transfers, on a significant discount.


Refund Guarantee packages

Some times clinics choose to offer multi-cycle packages on a refund guarantee scheme. These packages tend to be more expensive than the above multi-cycle options, since they bare the risk of refund in case of no pregnancy.

Refunds can be 50% or even 100%.

In most cases, refund packages include medical conditions for acceptance.

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IVF Travel is a service provided by Redia Ltd, a UK based fertility consultancy.

Our purpose is to provide patients with the best possible choice of clinics in a tailor-made approach. We do not advertise clinics but we study each individual profile to suggest the best fit. We always provide more than one clinic to leave the final choice to the patient.

There is no cost to the patient for using our services. We offer a comprehensive service and can provide all travel arrangements (hotel booking, airport transfers, flight bookings etc.) as a package deal, if desired.

We strictly monitor our selected fertility clinics to make sure they offer top quality services.

How can I use your travel

After booking your treatment, we will make you a few suggestions on travel packages. You can decide whether you would like to go ahead and get one of those. Travel packages are paid to Redia in full.

Our aim is to be able to understand your needs and to devote ourselves to their satisfaction, ensuring value for money combined with superior quality, in all our services.
In this way we wish to build up a mutually trusting relationship. Our team welcomes you

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