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Do you want to know exactly how much your fertility treatment will cost? This would be important so that you can compare the full cost with what it would cost you in your home country. In order to do that, you would need to calculate all travel costs in addition to the cost of your treatment. : Redia can help you by designing a travel package tailored to your needs, treatment and budget.

Hotels and transfers add-on package: Depending on the part of the world you will be travelling from, the type of treatment you choose and clinic, we can offer you a package depending on your budget and hotel category preference, that will include all hotel accommodation for the entire treatment as well as transfers from/to the airport and your hotel.

Flights add-on package: We can also offer you an all-inclusive flight package for your treatment travel needs so you have a fixed travel cost and be able to compare prices.

Our aim is to support you as much as we can by providing all logistic assistance so that you can concentrate on your treatment.

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