1. Free advice and support

We offer you free advice on identifying your fertility needs, recommending clinics that we think would be best for you and support you all the way to your successful result. We also provide you with a free online consultation with one of our partner clinic doctors. All these without any cost and no commitment to you. You decide at the end whether you would like to proceed with an IVF insurance programme or not.

2. Affordable cost with top scientific quality

In order to offer you affordable prices we partner with clinics in several countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. We carefully screen all our clinics for quality and service so as we only recommend the best. After signing a contract with us, you can immediately start your treatment at the clinic of your choice. We handle thereafter all your financial dealings with the clinic and we offer you full support throughout the process.

3. Refund Guarantee

Our IVF insurance programmes come with up to 100% refund guarantee. Our multi-cycle programmes include up to 3 full cycles of IVF, inclusive of all fresh and frozen transfers, all medication needed, all embryo freezing costs and all basic lab methods such as ICSI and blastocyst culture. In the unlikely case that after all cycles and transfers there is no success, we will refund up to the full cost of the programme and this is a guarantee. Our 100% refund guarantee is available to all eligible fertility patients up to 37 years of age and to all fertility patients regardless of age that are following an egg or embryo donation treatment.

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